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I’m here to help K-3 teachers like you find engaging, effective resources and activities for a stress-free classroom.

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I love nothing more than crafting fun and engaging resources, all the while sharing my practical and inspiring ideas for a stress-free classroom. Who doesn’t want to run a stress-free classroom, am I right?

My mantra is, “Be prepared and keep things simple.” For me, that has always been the best way to run a stress-free classroom. During my years as an elementary teacher, I found that by creating simple, effective resources that spiraled throughout the year, I was able to reduce reteaching tenfold because my kids absorbed and retained what they had learned. I was amazed at how well it worked!

I also discovered that by using a few simple methods to prepare ahead, teaching becomes a breeze. Whether it’s planning and organizing materials for a substitute teacher or printing and organizing those yearlong and other no-prep resources for the year ahead, a little prep goes a long way.

So, join me and let’s explore some fantastic ideas and resources that will help you have an amazing, stress-free year in the classroom. We’ve got this!